5 Best Exercises to Do Outside

With many of us spending too much time inside our homes, I want you to take full advantage of the fresh air and get outside.

To give you one more excuse for going outside, I wanted to share some of our favorite body weight exercises, which are simple to perform and can be done in the great outdoors (or even indoors, if you must)!

All exercises are meant to be performed together and are designed to give you a complete workout using absolutely no equipment -- you just need to show up!

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In this made-for-home workout series, you will receive one new workout each day for the next five days. These workouts include:

  • Best exercises to reduce stress
  • Our go-to exercises for building up your core 
  • What to do to improve your lung and heart health
  • Our best toning exercises to “feel the burn”
  • How to use exercise to boost your energy

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