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Personal Training for men & women 45+

Don’t Wait Until it's too late to Start taking care of yourself

Muscle turning into flab. Aches and pains that won’t go away. Starting to struggle to do the things you love.

Your mounting responsibilities and inability to make your health a priority are robbing you of the life you want.

You have sacrificed for your career and family, but isn’t it time to take care of you?

Personalized fitness coaching is the key to your success

Traditional personal training leaves you feeling beat up, restricted, and incapable. At Mint Condition Fitness, our holistic coaching program will allow you to achieve your goals with:



Feel strong, flexible, and pain-free. Have the freedom to do more of what you love.



Eat foods that make you feel energized and satisfied...not deprived.



Get the support you need to stick with your plan while learning the secret to staying motivated.

We understand why your health is so important


When our founder, Colin Triplett, was young, his Grandfather struggled to enjoy his final years because of excessive medication, unnecessary surgeries, and declining mental health due to Alzheimer’s. 

Mint Condition Fitness was started in 2009 to help others to avoid this fate and live the life they deserve. Our dedication to this mission has lead to:

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Our Programs

Who it’s for:

  • If you prefer a more private setting for your exercise. 
  • If you have a previous injury or chronic pain that needs the full attention of your coach. 
  • If you have never exercised before and would like to ease into your program.

Successful result:

  • Consistently working out 2-3x per week
  • Learn how to exercise correctly so that you feel better, not worse. 
  • Decreased pain by 50% in the first month
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How to Get Started:

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Step 2

Clarify Your Goals

Get clear on what success looks like for you and build a plan to ensure you get there.

Step 3

Take Action

Choose the program that best fits your goals. Finally get the results you want! 

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