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Don’t Wait Until it's too late to Start taking care of yourself

Worried about your health. Muscle is turning into fat. Aches and pains are keeping you from doing what you love.

You don't want to keep going down this path, but are struggling to make health and fitness a priority.

You're tired of having issues that keep you from living the life you envisioned. Isn't it time for a change?


Our Thrive50+ Method™ is the key to your success

Mint Condition Fitness is the #1 personal training studio in Los Gatos for adults 50+ to take control of their fitness and live the life they envisioned.

Unlike other gyms with a younger demographic and inexperienced trainers that can leave you injured and lacking results, we understand the unique needs of training adults over 50.

With our Thrive50+ Method™, we will provide you with a fully individualized health & fitness program while matching you with a highly trained coach to support every step of your journey.

It's time to start living the life you envisioned 🙌 

We understand why your health is so important


When our founder, Colin Triplett, was young, his Grandfather struggled to enjoy his final years because of excessive medication, unnecessary surgeries, and declining mental health due to Alzheimer’s.

Mint Condition Fitness was started in 2009 to help others avoid this fate and live the life they imagined for themselves.

Whether that be spending time with loved ones, exploring the world, giving back to causes that you care about, or bringing value to the world through your work, health and fitness must come first. Our dedication to this mission has lead to: 


Meet Successful Mint Members

Our Memberships


  • Best-in-class testing for metabolism, cardiovascular fitness, and cellular health. 
  • Creates highly customized fitness, nutrition, and recovery programs that would not otherwise be possible. 
  • Trusted by leading experts in health and performance including: MIT, Columbia University, UCLA, and more.

Why do we test?

By starting every program with a thorough health and fitness assessment, we are able to:

  • Fully customize programs to your specific goals and needs
  • Reduce the risk of injury and work to improve limitations
  • Help you get results quickly and efficiently!
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