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Our Memberships

With our 360 Fitness Coaching™ program, we are proud to be the only fully comprehensive fitness studio in the Silicon Valley. When you join Mint Condition Fitness, you get everything you need to regain your energy, strength, mental clarity, and ability to do the things you love.

We know how hard things can get when you put off your health for too long, but with the right program, you can get YOU back again. 


Memberships Include:


Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers work closely with you to design tailored workout programs.

With an emphasis on safe but challenging workouts, each session is optimized to boost your strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Nutrition Coaching

There is just no way around it. What you eat is critical to your results when it comes to weight loss, decreasing inflammation, long term health.

Our certified nutrition coach will guide you on a balanced diet plan, ensuring you fuel your body with the right nutrients to feel energized and rejuvenated.


PNOE Metabolic Testing

This best-in-class metabolic testing protocol allows us to customize every part of your program.

From knowing the perfect combination of strength and cardio training, to creating custom nutrition programs based on how your body utilizes carbs vs. fat, we are able to individualize our programs like never before.


Cardio Training

Heart health is paramount. Our individualized cardio sessions are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, ensuring you're not just fit, but heart-healthy.


Red Light Therapy

This revolutionary therapy boosts skin health, accelerates muscle recovery, and reduces inflammation.

It's a gentle but highly effective way to enhance overall wellness…and it only takes a few minutes per week!


Compression Therapy

Improve circulation, reduce swelling, and speed up recovery with our Normatec Compression Sleeves.

It’s great after a vigorous workout, but is also is important for decreasing stress, treating varicose veins, boosting lymphatic drainage to support immune function, and speeds up the recovery from surgery and injury.

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