Founders Story

Mint Condition Fitness was started in 2009 with the mission of empowering men & women to take control of their fitness and enjoy the life they have built.
Colin Triplett Founders Story

When I was young, my grandfather passed away, and I will never forget the emotion I felt knowing that a beloved advocate, role model, and mentor would no longer be with me. As tough as that was, it was not until a month later that something happened to alter the course of my life.

As the dust settled, I was helping get their house in order and was tasked with cleaning and organizing files, papers, and equipment that he had accumulated in the office.

One day, as I was flipping through a random stack of papers, one page caught my attention. As I looked at it more closely, I realized that it was a list of the medications that had been prescribed to him. Each one had a specific dose, to be taken at a specific time, for a specific purpose.

All-in-all, there were 23 different drugs. Twenty-three.

Some were painkillers. Some helped with the constipation caused by the painkillers. Some were to keep him awake during the day - and others to help him sleep at night.

And to top it all off, there were drugs for the nausea and muscle cramps caused by the drug cocktail. As I read this list, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a terrible life this must have been to live.

And I found myself sitting there in tears.

At the time, I didn’t have much knowledge about the human body and brain, or just how destructive “medication” can be - but I knew that this was wrong.  It was at this moment, as I sat and reflected on what I was looking at, that I realized two things:

1) The quality of life is what matters. It doesn’t matter how long you live if your mind and body have failed you.

2) Our medical system is great for keeping people alive but seems to have little notion of how to optimize your health and life.

And as I looked at this list, and what they were all for, I got sick to my stomach thinking about how awful he must have felt.

Colin Triplett Founders Story 2

It was those two realizations that prompted my journey into the field of health and fitness.

In my mind, the best thing I could do was become a personal trainer.

There really is no other profession that allows you as much opportunity to support, empower, and be a positive influence for change than personal training, simply because of the area of focus AND the frequency of training.

So that is what I did. I became a personal trainer and dedicated myself to learning all that I could about the body and the brain.

And the more people I worked with, the more I realized just how big of an impact this work could have.

I have seen women transform their bodies and look the way they did 10, 20, even 30 years earlier.

I have seen men who had not touched their toes since their 20s, now able to touch the floor at 45 (and, more importantly, not have constant back pain).

I have seen what happens when women realize just how much strength and power they are capable of having, and the change in confidence and personality this produces.

I have seen men change their bodies and minds, and because of this change, finally have the time, energy, and ability to be the fathers and grandfathers they always wanted to be.

And this is why Mint Condition Fitness exists. Since opening in 2009, my mission has been to create a company and a team that cares deeply for our members, their health, and most importantly, quality of life.

Colin Triplett