Why You Get Low Back Pain After a Deadlift (and what to do about it)

One of the biggest inhibitors of progress during someone’s fitness journey is injury and pain. Often, at the start, we find ourselves motivated, inspired, and ready to push ourselves to that next level.

This can lead to overworking ourselves or performing an exercise incorrectly, resulting in pain or even injury.

This can negatively affect our progress in the gym, and even push us further away from our goals, leading to frustration and an on-again-off-again fitness cycle that inhibits us from seeing results.

One such move that often leads to this vicious cycle is the deadlift, a fairly common exercise that when performed correctly can do wonders for our functional movement and muscle growth, but when done incorrectly can lead to pain and injury.

Check out the video below as our studio manager talks about how this happens, and how you can fix it!

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