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Why losing 10 lbs. is WAY harder than it used to be


Remember the days when you could eat whatever you wanted and still look great?


You were always thin, and if your weight ever DID start creeping up, it was nothing a 3-day cleanse or switching to salads for lunch for a week would not fix.


But then something happened: You turned that age where everything seems to get so much harder.


What happened?? Well, two things happened…


1) Your lifestyle caught up with you


2) Your hormones changed (but not like you think)


Let’s tackle each of these and then discuss what you can do to get BACK to the life you once had (well, not exactly, but we can make things a whole lot easier).


When Your Life Catches Up With You


When you were young, you did not realize it, but you were WAY more active than you are now. You were moving all the time, playing sports, playing with your friends, getting out and exploring, jumping roping, running, etc.


You were on the move. Life was simpler. Eventually, you stopped moving as much, but the body does not change quickly…your metabolism was still high and you could continue to eat what you wanted and got by with your minimal workout routine.


Over time, more and more STUFF came up in your life and your ability to stay active really started to drag. So the weight crept up a little. And what did you do? A quick fix diet.


Which worked! But after you lost those pesky 10 lbs., you went back to your old ways and the weight slowly crept back on. So you dieted again…and it worked again, but maybe not quite as well as the first time.


And you continued this cycle for the next 10-20 years until finally, the dieting didn’t work any more...but what happened? Why did it use to work? Does the body just stop working when it gets older?




People think that getting older is the CAUSE of a lot of things, but you would be better served by reframing that perspective and seeing getting older as no more than time passing.


As time passes, you either do things that make you better or you do things that make you worse. Crash dieting and inactivity make you worse.


So, while it may SEEM that your age is causing the dieting to not work, it is actually the DIETING that is causing it to stop working.


Every time you diet (especially if you are not strength training), you lose muscle mass. All that muscle you had when you were young and active was what was keeping you lean even when you stopped moving as much.


As your muscle mass fads over the years, your metabolism slowly decreases. And with each passing year, you have less and less muscle to help keep you lean.


And then come the hormone changes...


Around the age of 50, BOTH men and women start experiencing hormone changes. Women have more symptoms as they go through menopause, but men also have a change in hormone levels.


This can be a tough time for a lot of people…but again, I want you to appreciate that the degree of challenge is directly related to what you have been doing over the last 30 years.


No one is doomed to drastic hormone imbalance and despair. But, if you have not been eating quality foods and have not been exercising, then yes, this is going to be rough. 


Your hormones are what control just about everything in your body, from the fat you store, to your hunger, to your mood and your energy. When things get out of balance, there can be a lot of side effects.


So what can you do about all of this? And if you are already going through these hormone changes and you are having a rough time, is there any hope?




Here are the 6 things you need to do to get your metabolism and your hormones working FOR you again, instead of against you:



1) Start strength training. Women especially need this because over the years, with diet after diet, women have a tendency to really diminish their muscle mass. I am not talking big bulky muscles…I'm talking lean, defined muscles.


2) Eat more (quality) protein. Most people are so undernourished when it comes to quality protein sources, and are missing out on the benefits that it can provide. Protein is responsible for rebuilding muscle and other tissues in your body, plus it helps to keep you feeling full throughout the day!


3) Eat more fat. Now I did not say, “eat A LOT of fat”. Just more than you probably are. The “low-fat” craze has left a lot of people hurting, especially when it comes to hormones. Fat, cholesterol, and protein are ALL important building blocks for producing the hormones you need to stay healthy and balanced.


4) Fix nutrient deficiencies. If you are low in any of your vitamins or minerals, you are really undercutting your hormone production, energy, and weight control…and I can GUARANTEE that you have at least 3 or 4 vitamins or minerals that are very low.


5) SLEEP. I know what your thinking…”but I CAN’T sleep!” If that is the case, let's look at a few things that might be contributing:


* Lack of exercise: The less you move, the harder it is to sleep.

* Poor diet: The more processed food you eat, the harder it will be to sleep. And if you don’t eat enough fat, or are low in things like magnesium, it will be hard to sleep.

* Too much alcohol: If you drink alcohol, it will be hard to sleep (not fall asleep, but stay asleep or get restful sleep).

* Too much stress: If your mind is racing all the time, you will struggle to fall asleep and/or stay asleep. Mindfulness and mediation can help with this.  

So while we tend to like blaming our sleep loss on old age, please remember that there is ALWAYS something you can do to improve sleep!


6) Cut down on the booze. Not only does drinking negatively impact your sleep, it also kills your body’s ability to produce hormones AND makes it very hard to lose weight.


Every drink you have has a HUGE caloric impact on your body. I encourage you to do a little research on this for yourself, but the basic thing you should know is that for every 1 calorie of ethanol, your body responds to it as if it is 4-5 calories.


That means that your 100-calorie glass of wine is more like 450 calories in your body! This is a rough way to end every day if you are a nightly drinker.


So why is it so hard to lose those 10 pounds these days? Because your metabolism and hormones are not what they used to be!


The good news about this is that you can do something about it! You getting older is not the issue, WHAT you do day in and day out IS the issue. And you can control this.


So follow the 6 steps above and I promise you will start looking and feeling a whole lot better.


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