Why Home Gyms Don’t Work

With all the logistics involved in creating time for exercise in your hectic schedule, the idea of setting up your own gym at home becomes very attractive.

Wouldn't it be easier if you didn't have to account for traffic, babysitting, or late nights at the office?

But there is a problem. What seems like a simple solution might actually be complicating things even more.

Lots of people invest in home gyms with the best of intentions, yet find themselves neglecting their workout equipment, even though it's now within arm’s reach.

So, what's going on here? Why don't home gyms work?

Let's take a look at three complicating factors which stand between you and a successful home gym experience.

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Wrong Environment

When you walk into a gym, the entire facility is designed with health and fitness in mind. From the front desk to the changing room, everything redirects your focus towards a workout.

Now let's put your workout in the context of "home."

You might set your alarm, wake up early, and have every intention of getting a workout in before your morning commute, but on the way down the hall, you notice the laundry has begun piling up.

You have a decision to make. Now you have more than one important task vying for your attention and time.

Between the TV, the kids, or that book you're almost finished with, there are plenty of distractions at home which can keep you from getting to your workout.

This is why going to the gym can be so effective. It removes you from those distractions and gives you a chance to focus on your health and fitness.

A Lack of Accountability

With no coach, no personal trainer, and no workout buddies, who is there to make sure you're actually reaching your fitness goals?

For those who struggle with motivation already, the privacy of a home gym can lead to development of bad habits.

Who's going to know if you did that last rep, or jogged that final half-mile on the treadmill?

Most people don't realize how beneficial a social environment is to physical fitness until it's gone.

Ask anyone who has invested in a home gym what they miss the most about working out at a fitness center, and they are probably going to say “other people."

Accountability is a very important part of a fitness regimen, and one of the best ways to include it is by making your workouts more social, not more isolated.

Improper Exercise Programs

Let's be honest here: very few people have room for all of the equipment available at your local gym.

This being the case, most people simply make do with what they are able to fit easily in their guestroom. Maybe a few dumbbells, a balance ball, a jump rope, and of course an elliptical machine!

If you choose to go this route, it means that you cannot easily graduate to a heavier weight, or train a particular muscle group because you don't have the right tools for the job.

Of course, under-training is not the only problem which can occur with home gyms. Remember that over-training can be just as detrimental to your health and fitness goals.

Maybe you skipped the lighter weights in the interests of challenging yourself, without realizing how important those small weights can be for a warm-up, or when recovering from a sports injury.

The bottom line is, when you are working out at home you do not have the benefit of fitness experts who can suggest proper exercise programs.

Think of the value in simply being able to ask "Hey, am I doing this right?" and then having a professional help you through it. You're not going to get that at home.

This is why our coaches right here in Los Gatos are always happy to see you come through the door.

Showing up – being in the room – is such a vital part of your commitment to better health and fitness.

When you come to the gym, you are setting aside time for health and wellness, you are under the watchful eye of trained professionals, and you have access to a wide variety of equipment you don't have at home.

Make the investment in yourself, not in equipment which is only going to sit and collect dust in your basement.

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