What to Do if You Can’t Get Your Arms Over Your Head

When you find yourself facing a major mobility issue, trust us… this is something which needs to be worked on carefully, and definitely not “powered through.” 


Mobility issues can happen as the result of injury, age, or just having been sedentary for a long time. 


One of the most common mobility issues we hear about is an inability to get your arms over your head.


When this happens, it’s a telltale sign that your shoulder mobility isn’t great.


If you try to force the issue and push your arms up over your head anyway, you wind up putting undue pressure on your spine. 


Needless to say, that leads to a whole host of other problems.


Today we’re going to walk you through some key movements if you are facing issues with your shoulder mobility. 


BONUS: If you would like a complete overview on what you can do to improve your mobility, download our Body Fix Guide here!


As you can see, shoulder issues are something you CAN improve, which is why it is the goal of our Los Gatos personal trainers to start by slowly increasing your mobility before doing anything like adding weight to the equation.


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