What to Do (And NOT Do) When it Comes to Shoulder Pain

You don't realize just how important your shoulder is to your everyday life until it gets hurt. Getting up, getting down, putting on your shoes, getting a glass from the top shelf of the cabinet.

Whatever it is, shoulder pain is no fun.

The Best Exercises for Shoulder Pain

To help ease your aching shoulder, we will show you what you CAN do (and what you should avoid) to help get your shoulder feeling better soon.

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[NOTE: Not all shoulder pain is the same. If there is an exercise in this video that does NOT help, please skip it. Also, if you have a shoulder injury, please go consult a physical therapist before attempting these exercises.


BONUS: In addition to showing you what exercises to do and which to steer clear of, we have included a "Shoulder-Less" workout so that you can still get in a great exercise session without jeopardizing your shoulders.


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