What Did You Do Today To Bring Yourself ONE STEP CLOSER To Your Goal

How would your life be different if you did one thing, every day, which was directly in line with one of your goals?

Do you think that over the next week, month, and year, you would see results?

Of course.

And yet when we think about our goals and what it will take to reach them, we often shoot ourselves in the foot from the start by focusing on the whole process rather than the first step.

The goal, then, is to do ONE THING, every day.

And even if it seems insignificant on its own, when you repeat it every day, change will occur.

1% Better

Another way to think about this is to get 1% better, every day.

Most people try to make huge changes all at once and fail. The concept of 1% works because it is manageable but can create great change over time.

The idea of “1% better” also has a nice twist to it that I like.

When you increase by 1% over time, you do not grow in a linear fashion, but rather, exponentially.

That means that if you stay focused, today could be the least amount of growth you ever experience again and by the end of one year, you will have improved by 3000% or 30X.

Of course life is not as clean-cut as a nice math equation, but the take away from the analogy is this: Experience is the currency of growth.

So every day that you work toward your goal, whether you have made tangible progress or not, you have gained experience.

And over time, it is your experience that is compounding, growing, and will undoubtedly lead to your success.

Becoming Friends with Failure

To become 1% better every day is not about seeing results right away. As mentioned, tangible progress cannot be your barometer of success.

Rather, we must look at our experiences and failures as our feedback on our improvement.

If you are not failing, you are not going to succeed. This is why it is important that whatever your goal, you learn to take action, and adapt quickly. Keep trying new things and keep fighting to achieve your goal.

When you fail, accept it, learn from it, and move on.

The more you can become comfortable with failing, the faster you will reach your goals. Those that achieve the greatest success are usually also those that have failed the most.

It is all about experience, and there is absolutely no substitute for it. This is what it means to get 1% better every day.

Not that your income increases every day, or that you lose 1 lb every week. It means that every day, you try something out. Every day you look for opportunities to take actions that might lead you to your goal.

If you do this, accept that that your actions may send you in the wrong direction, and commit to getting back on track when they do, you will reach your goals faster and become the type of person that can maintain those results for the long run.

For Who You Become

Someone I listen to regularly, Jim Rohn, always talks about the importance of goals and goal setting.

He has an interesting view on the idea that is usually missing when people set out to reach a goal.

Goals are usually about the outcome.

I want to lose weight, I want to earn more money, I want to get a better job.

What Rohn wants us to realize is that the value of a goal is not what we will achieve, but rather, who we must become to achieve such a goal.

If you want to lose weight, it is not about the number on scale; anyone can go on a detox and drop a few pounds just to add them back on later.

The important part, rather, is the change in who you are, how you act, and what you value.

These must occur for you to earn your weight loss and what should be sought after. Only once you see goals in this light will you be able to have long lasting and noteworthy success.

And this is what is important to us, that you focus on achievable, incremental changes so that you can start living your life to the fullest.

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