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How to Avoid Achilles Tendonitis


People who suffer from Achilles tendonitis understand the pain all too well. 


Some days it can feel like a vague discomfort, while other days it can progress into a sharp or urgent pain. 


The bottom line is: it's something to be avoided at all costs, if possible.


In today's VLOG, we’re going to show you how to avoid Achilles tendonitis in the first place. 


Our head personal trainer Bradley is going to walk you through some of the best exercises to do to get around this common complaint.


The condition really originates with poor movement and repetitive stress placed on the tendon itself. 


The goal is to build up the muscle strength around your knees to not only get them moving better, but to protect them as they move. 


Doing this will help alleviate or even prevent the pain in your Achilles tendon altogether.


When the pain is alleviated, you can get back to doing what you want to do, and keep making fitness a part of your life.


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