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3 Must-Do Exercises for Knee Pain

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Sick and tired of hearing a *CRUNCH* every time you bend your leg? Want to stop having that ongoing, nagging soreness in your knees?

You can!

The poor knees get beat up a lot and so there are specific things you need to be doing if you want to keep them healthy and pain-free. When you add just a few key movements into your routine you can expect:

  • Less pain

  • More strength in your legs

  • Less creaking/cracking/crunching

  • More mobility

  • Less stiffness and strain

The key is that whatever you do to help your knees feel better, you need to KEEP doing it. If you have ever gone to physical therapy, you should have received an exercise plan to fix the problem.

This is great...except that most (all) people stop doing the exercises once they feel better. Mistake! When you start to feel better, those movements should become part of your warm up to keep your knees moving well and feeling great.

Exercises to Help Prevent Knee Pain

In today's video we will show you our top three mobility movements to help your knees feel better!

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