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[VIDEO BLOG] 3 Best Exercises to Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine


In today's vlog, Coach Bradley is going to walk you through the three best exercises you can do to get off on the right foot. 


Whether you are new to fitness and workouts, or you are getting back to them after a long break, this is the video for you. 


Bradley will show you proper form and technique and talk up the benefits of each exercise as he goes over them.



Of course, videos like this are only one part of the equation. There are two very important points to keep in mind as you begin to ramp up.

A Personal Trainer Can Protect You from Yourself

The initial excitement of a new workout routine leads some people to overdo it. Overtraining and injury is a real concern, especially for those unfamiliar with the movements.


When you are appropriately paced and challenged, you are far more likely to stick with your routine, and begin seeing all of those results you're looking for.


A coach can also help you change things up. They can prevent boredom and keep things interesting by giving you targeted exercises that you need to reach your goals.

Mobility and Flexibility Are Very Important in the Beginning

As goal-oriented people, it's easy to focus on things like heavier weights, longer distances, etc. 


But don't forget that improving your range of motion is the base upon which you build your fitness!


Mobility and flexibility help reduce the risk of injury. If you are getting back into a workout after an injury, you want to be especially careful that you don't experience another setback.


Ready to get started? 


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