Garrett’s passion for competitive sports and fitness began to develop during his early childhood years playing baseball and basketball. His interest in fitness intensified while participating in AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and high school basketball and football.

By participating in a competitive environment, his passion for sports and teamwork lit a fire inside him which has never burned out.

After nursing injuries during his senior year of high school, however, a period of bad eating, self doubt, and uninspired workout plans landed him in the worst shape of his life.

He knew at that point that if he was ever going to get his life back on track, he was going to need to make a change.

This led him down a path of self-discovery and intensive research into fitness, health, and diet, which resulted in 75 pounds lost and MAINTAINED.

Education & Qualifications

Garrett received his degree in Sociology from San Jose City College, but his foundation for being a transformative coach is best traced to his years of coaching basketball for the YMCA and National Junior Basketball (NJB).

After his success with weight loss and creating a new lifestyle for himself and his family, his suppressed fire for inspiring others and coaching was reignited.

Certifications Include:

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Broad knowledge of the human body, muscle function, programming strategy, and exercise science.
  • Functional Movement Screen: Level 1 Certified
    • Developed by two physical therapists, the functional movement screen is a way of assessing and grading movement to find the weak link for someone, therefore establishing the greatest risk for injury.
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach: Level 1 Certified
    • In-depth knowledge of proper programming and coaching around functional training, exercise progressions, regressions, and working with and around injury. Functional training is the industry term for training that carries over to everyday life. It integrates movements that are needed for daily living, like how to properly pick things up, put things over your head, carry things, get off the floor, etc.
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach: Level 2 Certified
    • Specific knowledge around modifications and progressions for athletes. Focus on athlete specific warm-ups, speed drills, medicine ball exercises, plyometrics, and strength training. 
  • Z-Health: Essentials of Elite Performance
    • Focused work on three key areas: 1) Rehabilitating the body through re-education of correct movement patterns and joint control. 2) How to train and integrate visual, balance, and proprioceptive systems to produce a properly functioning body. 3) Sport speed integration and athletic skills including jumping, sprinting, change of direction, and more.


Garrett’s passion in life has always been to motivate and encourage others. He thrives on helping people pack on muscle, assisting with weight loss, instilling healthy eating habits, and motivating young athletes to achieve the next level of competition.

He is passionate about helping you find that inner fire where health and fitness is not just something you do but becomes a part of who you are.