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There Are No Side Effects


I recently saw a commercial for a new medication. While ads for new meds are not uncommon, this particular commercial was different.

This was the first ad that I had seen for a drug specifically designed to combat the side effects of another medication.

At the end of the commercial, there was inevitably a list of 10-15 side effects that this drug might have, which left me remembering a statement I once heard:


"There Are No Side Effects, Only Effects"

When you take a medication, it does what the chemicals in the drug do when ingested. And while drugs are advertised for ONE of the ways that it will impact you, this is no more an effect than anything listed at the end of the commercial.

When you hear that a drug “may” cause bleeding, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, or death, it is because people have taken that medication and had those effects. People have taken that drug and died because of it.

But, because it’s labeled as a side effect, we think, oh well, it won’t happen to me. And yes, not all meds will kill you, but most do have unwanted consequences.

Yet we are so used to the idea of side effects that drug companies feel no shame in developing and promoting medications (with their own set of problems) to counteract the problems of the drug they originally developed.

They are getting paid because of the problems they caused!


How Did We Get Here?

How did we get to the point that we are now taking drugs for drugs?

I think there are two main issues:

    1. Doctors prescribing drugs before other interventions have been tried.
    2. Us accepting that drugs are the only way to solve our health concerns.

Let’s talk about #2, then come back to #1 because I don’t blame most doctors for this.

I was just visiting with my relative who has been on four different blood pressure medications because they all have different negative effects.

Instead of considering how to get off medication, he has resigned himself to just take the one that is most tolerable.

But this is blood pressure we are talking about...something that can be easily improved through diet and exercise.

Unfortunately, lifestyle choices are not what we think of first because pills are easy and they put the responsibility on the doctor.

As soon as you give control of your health to someone else, however, it is a slippery slope because now every “side effect” of their treatment is not your fault and you can fall further and further into the victim role.

If you are reading this article, please do two things:

Start thinking of your medication as a drug with effects (both good and bad). Take responsibility for your health and use your doctor as a resource for information, not an authority figure.


Don't Blame the Doctors

Doctors care tremendously for their patients, and to be fair, are in a very difficult position when it comes to helping people with lifestyle diseases.

Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure -- these are all reversible with improved lifestyle choices, and yet a doctor often only gets to see their patients once per year.

As we know in the fitness industry, changing your exercise, eating, and lifestyle habits takes time and consistent support.

People backslide, they stall, and they need ongoing guidance and encouragement. So of course a doctor is not going to be able to help them make the changes they need to make, so they often fall back on medication.

“It is better than nothing,” some might say. And that may be true.

But if you are sick of all the trouble that medication leads to, perhaps it’s time to start taking a new approach. One that can help you not only get off most of your medication, but also expand your life as a whole.


What Life Can Be

Committing to exercise and diet changes is not just about looking better. Sure, who wouldn’t love to lose a few pounds?

But is that really what you want your life to be about?

What about going on adventures with your kids and grandkids?

What about travel, playing sports with your friends, feeling love and connection with others?

All of these things are enhanced when you are taking care of your physical and mental health. Life becomes fun again.

And that is really what this article is about. It’s about stepping back and thinking about what you want for your life and if medication is the right decision for you.

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