The Right Cardio to Burn Fat and Keep Muscle

Ready to be let in on a big secret? Going all-out with cardio isn’t the best way to burn fat.

Sure, it’s a great workout, and your heart and lungs are getting some great exercise, but your body isn’t burning fat in the most efficient way.

This is where interval training comes in.

Interval training means:

  • Switching between periods of high and low intensity cardio (like sprinting and walking)
  • Your workouts are much shorter, but way more effective
  • You get better results because of the "after-burn effect"

This after-burn caused by interval training is where the real value comes in. It will keep your metabolism going strong long after your workout has ended, meaning that you burn more calories (and more importantly, more fat).

Today, our head personal trainer is going to explain the best way to approach interval training so that you get the best result possible:

Not only is this form of working out a time saver for you, but you get the chance to exercise some of your largest muscle groups, strengthen your lungs, and burn more fat.

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