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The Missing Piece to Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine


You’ve done your research, you’ve found a gym or personal trainer you really like, you’ve maybe even gone shopping for athletic wear - but for some reason, you just can’t seem to get started.

If this sounds familiar, don’t beat yourself up. This happens to a lot of people, although they might not be quick to admit it.

Like anything in life, beginning a new fitness routine can be intimidating, and the response to that kind of situation can often be procrastination.

Maybe you’ll start next week after that big meeting is out of the way. Maybe you have to travel soon, and don’t want to have your routine disrupted.

Trust us… there are a million reasons you can come up with to not make today the day you begin. What we’re interested in is the one reason you will.

Let’s talk about how we’re going to give you that one final push to get you going.

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Just Start Moving


Some people feel like the beginning of a fitness routine should be a big, planned event, but that’s not true at all. 

You could open your front door right now and begin making that positive change with nothing more than some comfortable clothes and shoes to accompany you. 

Think about how you most like to move. Are you a walker? Find a trail or a park nearby and just stroll. 

Take in the scenery and bring your camera. You’re allowed to enjoy the environment around you when you’re exercising, and in fact, that’s one of the best perks!

Maybe you’re a hiker, and you prefer shady woods with towering trees and interesting paths. 

Hiking is an outstanding form of exercise, and even busy cities often feature hiking trails. Remember your insect repellant and a hat and go have a great time!

Or perhaps you’d like to increase your endurance with running. You can begin with slow jog/walk intervals and build up your strength and stamina over the weeks as you go. 

If you can’t run a mile right now, that’s fine! Many people can’t. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, and don’t let a fear of not being skilled “enough” prevent you from even trying.

Make Yourself Accountable


The best way to make sure your training routine has a start date is to give it an end date. Well, okay, not an end date to be exact, but a milestone.

If you do a quick search online right now, you’ll find dozens of athletic events happening around you. 

5ks, 1-mile fun runs, hikes, or even walking groups. 

Choose a date which gives you enough breathing room to get up to speed with your training and book it.


Because when you have a set event to strive for, you’ll be able to dial in your training so much more. 

As your date approaches, you’ll have time to test out your abilities each week as you practice, and if you need to step things up, you’ll be able to make those changes.

Better yet, sign up with a friend! When a group of you are all striving towards the same goal together, great things can happen. 

You can support one another in your journeys, celebrate progress, and work through setbacks together.

Signed Up for an Event? Great! Sign Up for Another!

Here’s a big secret to maintaining your momentum: don’t give yourself the excuse to walk away from your fitness routine and never come back.

Do you need to be running races every weekend? No, and in fact, that’s not always a healthy approach. But could you schedule yourself for one or two events each season? You bet!  

When you have events to look forward to, it gives you that push you need to keep going. 

No, you don’t have to seek out bigger challenges every time. It’s okay to just keep your training consistent and keep exercise and fitness fun.

If you feel great and want to seek out bigger challenges, that’s fantastic, but it’s not a requirement. 

Keep an eye on those local events, and make sure that anytime you finish one, you’re already signed up for another. This way, you’ll always have something to strive for.

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