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The Best Fat Burning Workout You Can Do In Your Hotel Room


If there’s one guaranteed way to stumble in your weight loss journey, it’s traveling without a plan. 


Nothing can throw off your focus like long plane rides, unfamiliar hotels, and limited meal selections. 


However, there’s one thing you can definitely do to stack the deck in your favor, and that’s to plan out a fat burning workout you could do anywhere.


Too many people find that their hotel doesn’t have a gym (or has an inadequate one) and take that as a sign to skip workouts, sometimes for weeks. 


Physical fitness doesn’t necessarily need to rely on gym equipment, and that’s especially true when you’re in a pinch.

Hotel Room Workouts

Travelers usually face the following challenges:

  • Lack of gym access
  • Jet lag
  • Small hotel rooms
  • No personal trainers or coaches nearby

Today’s VLOG is going to show you how you can keep your workouts on track anywhere, anytime. 

Here is Head Coach Bradley’s “Anywhere” Workout:


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