The 3 MUST-DO Exercises to Keep Yourself Out of the Doctor’s Office

Staying healthy sure gets harder as we age. Our bodies can’t necessarily handle the poor diet, stress, and lifestyle choices they could when we were younger.


Health has to be an active choice, but how can you be sure you’re approaching it the right way? 

Most Common Health Issues

The most common health issues faced by adults include: 


  • Heart disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Arthritis/joint pain 
  • Bone density issues 


Luckily, there are some exercises you can do to promote health and address each of these concerns.  


In this week’s video, the head coach of our personal trainers right here in Los Gatos is going to show you three exercises you should be incorporating into your program to promote health and keep your doctor’s appointments to a minimum.


These exercises help keep your heart healthy, protect your joints, and improve bone density. 


If your doctor has recommended that you begin working out to boost your health, let our personal trainers show you how to take the first steps safely.



As you know, exercise is just one part of the equation, so I wanted to make sure we give you some straightforward nutrition advice as well. 

If you would like our full nutrition recommendations, download our Ultimate Fat Loss Diet & Recipe Guide today and learn about:

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  • The best foods to eat (and avoid) to lose fat
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