Success Story:

Mary is looking and feeling stronger than ever


"When I came to Mint Condition I didn’t need to lose weight and I had a clean bill of health. I truly loved my life, but I couldn’t say that I really 'felt great.' I had no upper body strength, very little stamina, and I knew I needed exercise.

I met with Colin first, and we established that to me, it was most important to be strong. Not to just feel or look strong, but to be functionally strong. I wanted to be able to face the physical challenges of everyday life, and of aging, confidently and energetically.

Once started, I rapidly learned the difference between 'working out' at a gym and training with a professional fitness coach. My trainer concentrated on core strength from the beginning, and as I continued with training, I felt my overall strength and balance improve dramatically.

When I started, I could do one perfect push-up. Now I can do 36. After a 4-year hiatus from the Tahoe slopes, I am strong enough to ski again. I have more energy than ever and I now and known for lifting over 155 lbs. (I only weight 110 lbs.)

I truly enjoy going to my sessions and although I have certainly reached my goal of being strong, my trainer continues to encourage and push me to always improve.

I can always be stronger, and the stronger I am now, the longer I will avoid many of the pains and physical difficulties people encounter as they age."


  • Weight: Replaced 6lbs of fat with muscle
  • Strength: Deadlift – 155lbs x 5, Max push ups – 36
  • Increased balance
  • Increased energy
  • Feels great!