Success Story:

Jeremiah lost over 50 pounds!


"I cannot really remember when my weight loss journey began because, honestly, it has been a struggle all my life. For me, the ‘Yo-Yo’ syndrome was a constant, starting with another fad diet and ending with another round of weight gain, eventually ballooning me up to 300 lbs at one point.

So, after trying almost everything, my success story started with the introduction to Nutrisystem as a cost-effective way to regain control over my eating patterns. To my surprise, the food was quite good and I started to see results!

The real turning point for me, however, was when I ended a toxic relationship and realized that it was time to focus on ME. After years feeling emotionally drained, I could finally focus my efforts on getting the ‘real’ me back.

Going in with much trepidation, I met Colin and Brad. These are two of the nicest and most real trainers I have ever encountered. No hard sell, no gimmicks (thank goodness!), just great training and great people.

What really helped me was that they seem to have a variety of price points so that even as an educator I was still able to join and train with them.

What has probably been most significant about my time at Mint Condition is how my relationship with exercise has changed. When it comes right down to it, I have never liked exercise.

For years, I would talk myself out of doing the one thing that would ensure a leaner and stronger person. Sure, I had my gym membership that would be dusted off a couple times a month, but overall, I just could not commit.

Fast forward to today and I can confidently say that I have found an exercise routine that really fits my needs. I am a group member at Mint Condition and I could not be more pleased!

The training sessions focus on key areas of the body, switch every few weeks (excellent muscle trickery!), and are less than an hour (love that!). The best part about the exercises is that most of them can also be done at home on your own time.
Here is the bottom line: I went from a high of 300 lbs. to 204 lbs. today. When I first started at Mint Condition, I had a 44-46 waistline and XXL shirts were still a close friend. Within a year, I had a 38 waistline.

This is the absolute craziest part: I can proudly state that I am wearing L shirts. WHAT??

I find myself having more energy which is greatly needed in the classroom on a daily basis. I am getting stronger and more athletic, which allows me to crank up the intensity. Food is no longer my co-dependent; it is a love that I get to enjoy each day.

BTW – I am talking about REAL food. Nutrisystem ended for me several months ago. Now is all about portion control and substitutions.

Thank you Mint Condition for providing a non-threatening yet challenging environment where I was able to find my inner athlete!”


  • Weight: Lost over 50 lbs and kept it off
  • Measurements: Lost over 8″ off his waist
  • Clothing: Went from XXL to L
  • Increased energy
  • Stronger & more athletic
  • Built a healthy relationship with food