Success Story:

Jason is out of pain and 25 lbs lighter

Jason M. - Los Gatos

Jason M. - Los Gatos

"At the age of 46, I had stopped working out for 4 years (kids, work, life). My back was killing me, my knees hurt and I was on a strict 'see food' diet. I saw food and I ate it. I joined Mint Condition to find the guy I was in my 30s. Active, eating healthy, and working towards fitness goals.

In the 5 months I have been at Mint, I have lost 25 lbs, I have found the person I used to be and feel like I accomplished something every time I walk out the doors at Mint.

The staff is amazing. The personal trainers there tailor a program specific to your needs and goals, they focus on you whether you are trying to get back into fitness, losing weight or recovering from an injury. If you want results, look no further than Mint Condition Fitness."


  • Lost 30.5 lbs. in 8 months
  • Lost 10% body fat
  • Performed 100 lb. Turkish get up
  • Feels stronger than when he was 30
  • Went from a 10 second plank to 90 seconds