Karen lost 10.3 lbs of fat

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"I came to Mint Condition really on chance – Colin sent out an invitation for a free evaluation to the parents of our children’s elementary school and I figured ‘why not?’

While I had always felt in pretty good shape, I knew, at age 54, that things could go downhill quickly and I wasn’t feeling as strong, toned or motivated as I had in the past.

After my evaluation, they had me! My weight had crept up, my body fat was higher than I expected and I had lost quite a bit of mobility in an ankle I had injured.

I set some modest goals – to slim my hips and thighs, lose body fat and a few pounds, and look and feel stronger.

Bradley, my trainer, set up a training regimen that focused on my goals – it’s not a generic program but rather one that is tailored to me.

His training expertise, along with his sense of humor when I complain, has been the key to keeping me on track and getting the results I want.

By the end of my first year, I reduced my body fat from 23% to just above 15%, met my weight goal, went down two pants sizes, and I feel incredible.

A great side benefit is the compliments I get from friends about how strong I look! My husband and son have both joined Mint Condition because of my enthusiasm and results, and I have signed up for another year.

I actually look forward to my 6:00 AM sessions! I highly recommend Mint Condition for anyone who wants to lose weight, improve performance, or just get strong and fit."


  • Weight: Lost 6lbs
  • Measurements: Lost 2″ around her hips and 1 inch at her waist
  • Body Fat: Lost 7.5% body fat
  • Clothing: went down 2 pant sizes!
  • Increased strength
  • Improved ankle ROM
  • Increased energy

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  1. Hi I was just goggling about decreasing body fat mass and somehow got to your page and was reading about your programs and some of the success stories. This story on Karen is very similar to mine. I’m 54, peri-menopause, need to decrease body fat mass as oppsed to weight, but could stand to lose 5 lbs. So I’m looking for a program online coaching since I live in Florida. Please let me know if this is something you offer and how it would work.

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