Jill lost 65 lbs and is out of back pain

Mint Condition Fitness Results

"Before I came to Mint Condition, I was struggling with a herniated disc in my back and a foot surgery that was slow to recover. It was becoming difficult to exercise, my weight kept creeping up, and the pain from my injuries kept getting worse.

My main form of exercise was in a group exercise class, but the program was not designed for me and I had to modify most of the exercises. I was getting frustrated and felt like I would never get back in shape.

A good friend of mine called and spoke very highly about her experience with Mint Condition. I decided I had to do something!

I met with Colin and had an extensive meeting about my injuries. He took me through an assessment and after talking, we put together a game plan! Even my physical therapist was impressed by Colin’s program.

As I started to train, I began to feel my core and back muscles getting stronger. I felt that every time I came in, they would challenge me just enough to make progress, never making me feel that I was just modifying an exercise.

They were also very focused on helping me lose weight, counseling and encouraging me to build positive habits to help me see and maintain results.

I felt I finally found a group that took all aspects of my life into consideration and put together a program that was sustainable!

Now, 9 months later, my body has changed dramatically—people don’t even recognize me! I have changed my way of eating (not a diet) with life-long healthy habits along with a fitness plan for each week.

I have lost over 60 lbs. and no longer have back pain. I feel strong and fit! Bradley, Colin, and Kendra are an excellent team that helped me achieve the impossible!

Mint Condition has set me up for success and I have never been so happy or seen such wonderful results. Thank you guys!"


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