Harry regained 95% of motion

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"Where to start? I guess it would be by thanking Mint Condition for giving me my active life back!

Thank you so much Colin and Bradley for your knowledge, encouragement, and passion for what you do: giving people the tools to live a fit and healthy life.

My story started with a bad mountain bike accident that left me with a dislocated shoulder, torn labrum, and ligament and tendon damage. Two surgeries and 18 months of physical therapy later I was left with only about 60% mobility.

Prior to my accident I was a pretty active person, rode about 100 miles a week and would be at the gym at least two times a week and also enjoyed wall climbing and snowboarding as often as possible, but that had all come to a complete stop during this 18 months and it showed physically and mentally.

So, one day I decided enough was enough; that there had to be something out there to help me. I did a web search for personal trainers to see if they had any thoughts or ideas of what, if anything, could be done to rehab my shoulder.

After making about 10 to 12 calls and speaking to various types of ‘trainers,’ I decided to go with Mint Condition because when I spoke to most of these trainers they seemed disinterested in what I was dealing with and only wanted me to come and sign up.

When I spoke to Colin he asked as many or possibly more questions than I did. We had a long discussion about the history of my injury, therapy, where I currently was with mobility, and what I was hoping to regain.

Colin designed a program for me that involved exercises with a lot of stretching and balancing, which, to my surprise, turned out to be quite challenging.

Over the weeks the programs changed and different exercises were introduced and within the first 6 weeks I picked up over 10% more mobility and it just got better every week.

There were times where I physically and mentally struggled but Colin and Bradley were right there with support and encouragement to give me the drive to push forward.

I am now at what I think is very close to 100% with very little discomfort at full range of motion, something I never imagined could be.

When I started with Mint Condition my plan was just to rehab my shoulder, but my experience there has been incredible so I have stayed on and continued to train, learn, and grow.

I have already referred three people to them and will always recommend them to anybody wanting to live a healthier life style.

With the positive atmosphere and supportive and knowledgeable staff, only good things can come to anyone who walks through their door."


  • Range of Motion: Regained 95% of motion in shoulder
  • Weight: Put on 6lbs of los muscle
  • Measurements: Added 2″ to his arms and an inch to his thighs
  • Out of shoulder pain
  • Increased strength
  • Regained active lifestyle
  • Feels confident again

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