Bill lost 23 lbs and can touch his toes!

Mint Condition Fitness Results

"After a slow but steady weight gain over a 30 year period of time, I decided, with my lovely wife’s help, to begin regular workouts with Mint Condition Fitness.

My goal was to lose weight and inches around the middle, gain flexibility, and improve overall strength and balance.

We began slowly, introducing exercises that lead me to nickname our trainer, Colin, the ‘Prince of Pain.’ The real breakthrough came when Colin helped me to make a fundamental change in diet that led to significant weight loss.

And while I thought this new approach (not really a diet, but more of a lifestyle change) would leave me hungry – leading to Colin’s other nickname – the ‘Harbinger of Hunger’ – this was not the case.

It turns out that protein and veggies, washed down by excellent wine, can be quite filling!

Since the beginning, Colin has been focused on implementing a specific program designed to meet my needs, and real progress has been made.

Nine months into the exercise routine and diet, I have been able to lose 23 lbs. and 4 inches around the middle, and keep it off. Not only have I made progress in my weight and girth, but strength, flexibility and balance as well."


  • Weight: Lost 23lbs
  • Measurements: Lost 4″ around his abdomen
  • Body Fat: Lost 8.2% Body Fat
  • BMI: Lost 3.1 points
  • Improved eating habits
  • Better flexibility
  • Better balance

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