Solve THIS and Get Results That Last a Lifetime

“In the East, people plant a tree called the Chinese bamboo. During the first four years they water and fertilize the plant with seemingly little or no results.

Then, in the fifth year, they again apply water and fertilizer. In five weeks, the tree grows 90 feet.

“Now my question to you is this: did it grow 90 feet in five weeks or five years?”

- Bob Perks

This story represents the nature of all growth in life. We often believe, mistakenly, that results should be immediate.

Sometimes that is the case, but more often than not, lasting results require a long-term approach to growth.

And this is the key ingredient that so many people miss when it comes to reaching their goals.  


It's Not About What You Do

We all know that actions drive results. But what drives actions?

In the end, the fundamental driver of actions is beliefs and values. So when it comes to making a change in your life, it’s actually less about changing what you do, but rather, changing who you are.

And changing who you are is something that takes time and does not produce lasting results immediately.

Let’s use an example to demonstrate:

If you decide today that you want to lose 15 pounds, what actions should you take?

Most people would gravitate toward actions affecting exercise, diet, stress, sleep, etc., all of which will help.

But, unfortunately, these things are all just SYMPTOMS.

How you eat, what you do for exercise, and how you sleep are all just manifestations of who you are as a person.

They are not random or independent of one another. And this is where those who end up being most successful break from the pack. They recognize that personal growth is the foundation to success. 


To create a world in which your life is different, YOU must be different.

You must have different thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, all which then lead to different actions.

This process does not happen overnight. It’s a journey. But, if you choose to take this approach, I can guarantee you this:

When you dedicate yourself to personal growth, you will not only reach your goals, you will far surpass them.

And, what’s even better, it gets easier as you go!

The more time spent working on yourself, the easier it becomes to do the things necessary to create success in your life…in all areas.

Taking the First Step


When it comes to personal growth, it can be hard to get started. That is why in all of our fitness programs, we always start with a full goal setting session so that we can help you clarify what you really want and why it’s important in your life.

Yes, fitness is a part of personal development, but only if you have a clear understanding of how it’s going to positively impact your life.

So, if you want help clarifying what you need to do to start on your own path toward health and fitness, I invite you to check out our 28-Day Kickstart Program.

This is our holistic fitness program where you will get the exact exercises, diet, and goal coaching needed to start feeling confident in yourself and your plan.

In this program you will get:

  • Full fitness and goals assessment
  • Personalized fitness coaching to teach you the exact exercises you need to safely and effectively move better and build stamina
  • A simple meal plan to help you decrease inflammation
  • 1-on-1 success coaching to help guide you as you work to change your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits

You can have the body, energy, and life that you want, you just need a program that can guide you on the path to get there (and stay there!)

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