The individualization of private training with the energy, camaraderie and challenge of group training.

Semi-Private Training in Los Gatos & Saratoga

You want to lose some weight, get healthy, and keep doing all the things you love to do, but your workouts don’t feel as effective as they once were.

You know you are capable of pushing yourself, but it feels like you are running out of ideas.

You don’t want to end up injured if you try out some crazy new just want a program that will get you results and push you to be your best.

If you have struggled, it’s not your fault. You just did not have a program that was properly designed with YOU in mind.

This is why we are rated the #1 personal training studio in Los Gatos...because we have a team of expert coaches who understands you and your needs.

When you join one of our semi-private sessions, you will:

  • Be in a fun, motivating setting, with two other like-minded members
  • Have a program designed specifically for your needs
  • Be kept accountable to yourself and your goals
  • Feel challenged by your coach to do your best while not risking injury
  • Finally get the results you are looking for!

So, if you want to go from feeling stuck and bored with your workouts to finally having a program that is challenging, effective, and truly designed with you in mind, fill out the form below to get started today!

People come to Mint Condition Fitness in Los Gatos because they want results.

Mint Condition Fitness Semi-private training

Semi-Private Training in Los Gatos

Here is exactly what you can expect if you decide to request more information today:

Step 1: Learn More

We will call you to learn more about you, your current exercise routine, and your fitness goals.

Step 2: Come Visit Us

If you feel like we are going to be a good fit, we will invite you to come in, meet our team, meet the other members, and dive deeper into what you are looking to accomplish.

Step 3: 21-Point Fitness Evaluation

If you decide that our program is right for you, we will take you through our 21-Point Fitness Evaluation to ensure we have all the information we need to design a program specifically for you.

Step 4: Personalized Program

We will design and implement your personalized program, helping you to burn fat, boost energy, build core and upper body strength, improve your stamina, and reduce aches and pains.

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