Quick and Easy Workouts While on the Road (Part 1)

As travel picks up again, we want to make sure you have some exercises and training techniques to keep in shape while away from home.

When you travel, you’re often pressed for space, whether on a plane, in a car, or in a hotel room.

It’s hard to get a full workout in and even harder to prevent muscle stiffness.

That is why we have put together a workout series to give you some options for what you can do when time, space, and equipment are limited.

How to Prevent Tension and Tightness

One of the most common issues that will come up while traveling is increased stiffness. Too much sitting and eating poor-quality food leaves your body feeling tight and tense.

So, in today’s video, we are going to show you some simple exercises to do to stop the stiffness and feel better during your travels!

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