Sean Geary

Certified Fitness Coach


Sean grew up in New England as a theatre kid who did not want anything to do with health or fitness. Significantly overweight for most of his life, he came to the fitness industry after a career in teaching and following being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Realizing at 40 that things weren’t going to change if he didn’t change, Sean embarked on a journey to develop a better relationship with nutrition, exercise, and overall life balance.

Sean brings his teaching experience to the gym, trying to meet all clients where they are and leading them down their own paths of discovery. He doesn’t focus on hard line tenets or beliefs, but a mixture of pieces that work for him and for his clients. This is your journey, he’s simply there to guide you along.


Sean has a background in education, earning his Teaching Credentials in 2002 and his Masters of Education from Notre Dame de Namur University. Formerly a high school teacher, Sean later moved into fitness once he discovered the power of health and fitness in his own life.

His background in education helps him to be an amazing teacher of movement, while his own personal journey helps him to empathize and support others struggling to find their paths to fitness.

Certifications include:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Broad knowledge of the human body, muscle function, programming strategy, and exercise science.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Nutrition Coach
    • Knowledge around nutrition, meal planning, client education, and behavioral science.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • This dives deeper into the corrective strategies that can come into play when dealing with various movement dysfunctions.
  • Functional Range Systems: FRCms
    • Focused work on re-education of correct movement patterns and joint control. This type of work can also have a significant impact on pain elimination.
  • ZUU Global: Bronze Certification
    • Education around natural movement patterns and how to re-learn movement as we age.
  • Spartan SGX coach
    • Specific training on how to best prepare for Spartan races to improve endurance and strength while avoiding injury. 


Sean is passionate about helping his clients find their own joy and embracing their bodies as powerful instruments that can accomplish a lot once they focus their mindsets. He also loves reading and watching science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories.