Mimi Nguyen

Administrative Assistant


Mimi's childhood in San Jose didn't emphasize sports and nutrition, leaving her without a strong foundation in those areas. As she entered motherhood and faced the challenges of aging, she discovered that maintaining a healthy weight became increasingly difficult.

Recognizing the importance of incorporating fitness and nutrition into her lifestyle, she joined Mint Condition Fitness as a member in 2022. 

Impressed by the vibrant Mint culture and knowledgeable coaches, Mimi made the decision to join the Mint team! Because she understands the struggles others face in their weight loss journey, Mimi is in a unique position to help support and encourage Mint members as they work to achieve their health and fitness goals.


Mimi earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.


Mimi's passion lies in assisting others and enhancing their lives through increased efficiency. During her free time, she is actively involved in her two daughters' swim, volleyball, and dance activities.

Additionally, Mimi finds joy in traveling to explore diverse cultures, as it pushes her beyond her comfort zone and sparks inspiration to discover, savor, and experience new things.