Our team

Daryen O'Dell

Operations Manager


Daryen grew up in Oregon in a very active and health-focused family. Her mom was always trying new eating and fitness routines in order to gain a knowledge of health and the body to inspire her kids to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Growing up, Daryen participated in a number of sports, spending most of her years on the local swim team and school volleyball team. She has run 5ks and a half marathon. With a BA in English Literature, she strived to find a way to stay active in college despite her natural inclination to curl up on the couch with a book; this resulted in her taking MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), ballroom, and dance fitness classes.


Daryen received her BA in English Literature at the University of Oregon and is working on writing books for young adults and children.


Daryen is passionate about bringing people together, inspiring people to be the best they can be, being a positive force in people's lives, and brightening their day.

“I believe that attitude is everything, any situation can be changed by one's mindset. Even on the hardest days we are responsible for our own actions, reactions, and attitude; bringing positivity to even the toughest things is how we become the best version of ourselves.”