Daryen O'Dell

Holistic Nutritionist


Daryen grew up in Oregon in a very active and health-focused family. Though health was the goal, fad diets and exercise routines showed up frequently in her household as attempts to "stay healthy." This created a very complicated view of fitness and health for her and over the years her interest in nutrition has grown because of it.

Joining Mint helped Daryen finally find a fitness philosophy that she believed in - functional movement designed to help you live your best life. However, something was missing: Nutrition.

After years of reading and researching, Daryen decided to pursue a formal education in nutrition in order to help herself and others take control of their health and understand the impact food has on our bodies.


  • Certified AFPA Holistic Nutrition Coach
  • BA in English Literature from the University of Oregon


Daryen is passionate about bringing people together, inspiring people to be the best they can be, being a positive force in people's lives, and brightening their day.

“I believe that attitude is everything - any situation can be changed by one's mindset. Even on the hardest days we are responsible for our own actions, reactions, and attitude; bringing positivity to even the toughest things is how we become the best version of ourselves.”