Our team

Cristina Weigert

Head Fitness Coach


Cristina believes that physical activity, nutrition, and mental health all work together for the individual’s quality of life.

She has always had a passion for exercise but decided to become a personal trainer after working with a group of adult cancer survivors and seeing the enormous impact that exercise can have in someone’s life.

Now, her goal is to help people develop into healthier and happier versions of themselves by focusing on a balanced lifestyle.

By helping others build strength and endurance, move more efficiently, and prevent injury, she makes sure her clients have a long and active life.


Originally from Brazil, Cristina earned her B.S in Industrial Chemistry, with a M.Sc in Physical Chemistry.

After working in product development and focusing on raising her girls, she decided to transition into the field of health and fitness and obtained her personal training certification degree from Foothill College.

Certifications include:

  • Certified Personal Trainer - American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).
    • Knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics/applied kinesiology, exercise prescription, nutrition, fitness testing, behavior modification, and special populations.
  • Functional Training Specialist - American College on Exercise (ACE)
    • Application of functional movement techniques, myofascial slings, assessments, corrective exercises, progressions and stretching techniques.


Helping people to achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle is Cristina’s passion.

She wants to inspire people to live the best life they possibly can by moving better, being able to perform, and enjoying all activities with energy and purpose.