Colin Triplett



Born and raised in Los Gatos, Colin has been interested in health and fitness ever since his first introduction to a weight room while playing sports at Bellarmine.

While this was a starting point, it was not until college that he was driven to pursue a career in health and fitness. During his sophomore year, his grandfather passed away after a slow decline into worse and worse health.

It is this experience that drives him to search both for himself and those around him how to maximize life, and avoid the pain and suffering that comes from loss of health and reliance on medicine.

Quality of life is what matters most, and this is what Mint Condition Fitness is dedicated to enhancing for its members.


After earning his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at SCU, Colin went on to earn a skills certificate as a personal trainer from De Anza College. During that time he worked as an intern at the local gym, learning how to help clients achieve their goals.

He also worked with De Anza’s adaptive PE program where he helped disabled students regain their movement. This was a particularly impactful experience as it showed him just how important movement is to quality of life, and how exercise is vital for maintaining movement.

Certifications include:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Broad knowledge of the human body, muscle function, programming strategy, and exercise science.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • Specific knowledge around assessment and correction of movement pattern dysfunctions and pain patterns.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Performance Enhancement Specialist
    • Specific knowledge around strength training, power training, athletic movements, and sport skill training.
  • Functional Movement Screen: Level 1 Certified
    • Developed by two physical therapists, the functional movement screen is a way of assessing and grading movement to find the weak link for someone, therefore establishing the greatest risk for injury.
  • Functional Movement Screen: Level 2 Certified
    • Building off of what is learned in Level 1, this dives deeper into the corrective strategies that can come into play when dealing with various movement dysfunctions.
  • Precision Nutrition: Certified Nutritional Consultant
    • Knowledge around nutrition, meal planning, client education, and behavioral science.
  • Z-Health: Rehabilitation, Pain Relief, and Movement Re-Education
    • Focused work on rehabilitating the body through re-education of correct movement patterns and joint control. This type of work can also have a significant impact on pain elimination.
  • Z-Health: Integration, Balance, and Visual Training
    • Focused work on visual, balance, and proprioception, and how to integrate these three things to produce a properly functioning body. This work includes visual stabilization, eye tracking, convergence, divergence, vestibular activation and re-balancing, proprioceptive balance and core activation, and high level movement education.
  • Z-Health: Sport and Performance Enhancement
    • High-level visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive training. Working toward sport speed movements and athletic skills including jumping, sprinting, change of direction, and more.
  • Z-Health: Therapy and Threat Modulation
    • Focused work on tissue restrictions (especially scar work), taping, pressure checking for underactive muscles, breathing patterns, nerve function, muscle testing, and more. This course provides A LOT of unique and powerful tools that can be used to help improve movement and eliminate pain.
  • Z-Health: Behavior Modification and Nutrition Counseling
    • Focused work on behavior change. Basic review and knowledge of nutrition, but the majority of this course focuses on helping people make changes that stick.


Colin is most passionate about enhancing the lives of those around him, through the wonders of proper exercise and the power of having the correct mindset.

His mission is to foster a community of people who take their health into their own hands and never have to suffer the slow demise that his mentor faced.

The purpose of exercise must be focused on helping people get MORE out of life and building the physical and mental ability to enjoy all that life has to offer.