#1 Cause of Mediocrity

If you were to ask 100 people if they were living the life of their dreams, how many do you think would say YES?

Would you believe me if the answer was only five?

Unfortunately, that is exactly where we are at right now. Only 5% of people can truthfully say they are living the life they dreamed about.

So, where are the other 95% of people going wrong?

It all starts with your actions…

While this may seem obvious, you have to DO certain things to create the life you want; where most people fail is in the LITTLE things.

If you have ever heard the saying “How you do one thing is how you do everything,” then you already know what I am talking about.

Think that you can be disorganized at home, but will be organized at work? Go check out your desk and tell me what you see.

Think you can wake up late or hit the snooze button a bunch of times, but be a punctual person? Try to remember the last time you were EARLY to an appointment.

Think you can miss a workout today, but get back on track tomorrow? When as the last time that worked?

While each of these little actions do not in-and-of themselves impact your life, they DO impact the person who you are becoming.

Every action you take is either making you the person you want to be, or it is making you something else.

Most people, myself included, rarely place enough importance on the little things, but it is these little actions that are shaping who we are, and in turn, shaping our lives.

As Jim Rohn says, your level of success in life will rarely outpace your level of personal development.

So, if you want to STOP living a mediocre life and START creating the life of your dreams, act like the person you WANT to be.

Does the person you want to be hit the snooze three times, rush around to get ready in the morning, show up to the office five minutes late, gulp down two cups of coffee to get started, and then plug away at uninspiring work?

I doubt it.

And even if this does not describe you now, I challenge you to really think about your daily actions and interactions and assess if who you are and how you act is EXACTLY how you wish.

If not, today is the day to make a change. All it takes is a little thought.

When you are at that moment of indecision—eat the cookie or the apple? Hit the snooze or get out of bed? Put someone down or build them up?—don’t think about what you FEEL like doing, think about what the person you want to be would do.

WWYD: What Would YOU Do if you were the person you and your fitness coach wanted you to be?

Commit to answering and living that, and watch your world start to change.