How to make sure your retirement isn’t ruined by your health

There is nothing worse than getting to retirement only to find yourself incapable of enjoying your newly-found freedom.

You have worked hard to provide for your family and feel accomplished in your life.

But as you begin to think about retirement, you may be starting to worry that if you don’t do something now, you won’t have the health to actually enjoy all of the things you have imagined for yourself.


Don’t wait until it is too late to start putting yourself first...follow these 5 steps to create the life that you want:

1) Do exercise that feels good


If you have started and stopped exercise in the past, it’s for one of two reasons. You got bored or you got hurt. Either way, you failed to create an exercise program that was sustainable.

Exercise is about doing things that make you feel good and that you get some level of enjoyment out of so that you keep doing them.

Success in exercise boils down to one thing: consistency. If you keep doing it, you will be successful.

2) Eat for energy and mental clarity


Eating has become so confusing for people, but only because the diet industry wants it to be!

You make a lot more money by changing the recommendation every few years than giving people a plan that will actually work.

The reason that all plans fail in the end is because we are all different. There are some commonalities, but those get lost in the hunt for the perfect diet. 

News flash: there is NO perfect diet. There is only the perfect diet for you and your age.  

As we get older, what our bodies like and don’t like changes. So, eating is more about listening to your body than listening to the latest trend. 

If you want to start looking and feeling better, then start checking in with yourself after your meals. How do you feel? Do you feel energized or lethargic? Do you feel bloated? Is your mind clear or foggy?

This will tell you what and how to eat more than a book ever can.

3) Stop feeling guilty


One of the most common reasons people do not do what they need to do to take care of themselves is that it is just so much easier to take care of others.


First, because then you don’t have to face your own struggles. Second, because we have been taught that self-care is self-ish.

And while it is true that only thinking about yourself is selfish, if you only think about others, then you are actually no better off.

You are robbing yourself and others of your best self.

When you take care of yourself, you are more patient, think clearer, have more energy, are more productive, and can provide better for everyone else.

You have to put your face-mask on first if you ever want to have the health that you deserve.

So as you think out to that vision of yourself in the future, do yourself a favor and start taking action NOW so that vision might actually become a reality.

If you are not sure how to get started, that is what we are here to help with.

We have been working with men and women 45+ for over 11 years and know how to create exercise and nutrition programs that not only work, but that you will actually enjoy.

Your future is too important to call today and start making your vision a reality.

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