Helping You to Bring Your Passion For Helping Others to Life

What to Expect from a Fitness Internship
at Mint Condition Fitness

You want to be in a career that you are passionate about and that makes a positive difference in the world, but you don’t know how to break into the field of personal training.

You don’t want to grind it out at a big chain gym for a few years before you start feeling like you are helping others, but you don’t have the experience to get a job anywhere else.

You know you will be a great coach, but it doesn’t seem like there is anywhere to get the education and guidance you need to kick-start your fitness career!

We understand how you feel.

Starting out in the fitness industry is tough! Even if you went to school for something in the field (and especially if you didn’t), being a personal trainer is a whole different beast.


And to make matters worse, most fitness businesses are not going to take a chance on an inexperienced coach.

The truth is, everyone in your position is feeling this way. There is simply no great method for new coaches to get started.

What you need is a better way.

That’s why we have taken everything we have learned from successfully hiring, training, and supporting our team of world class fitness professionals over the last 10 years to create our exclusive internship program. 

This 120 hour, step-by-step program is designed to give you the hands-on experience you need while teaching you how to be a coach that changes lives.

Our Core Values

Change Lives

COACH, don't train

Create WOW

It's not about you

Be More

Be vulnerable

Have a growth mindset

Lead with empathy

Find a Way

Take 100% responsibility for results

Drive for clarity

Fail forward

Fitness Internship Program

If you are looking for a way to get a jump start on your career, while also potentially earning yourself a role at our company, the MCF Fitness Internship Program is for you. Click below to learn more about the program and apply!