5 Great Post-Walk Stretches

You may have seen our vlog on the 5 Best Warm-Ups for Walking and realized the benefit of adding a warm-up before your walk, but did you know that stretching after a walk can reap huge benefits?

Why Stretch After Walking?

Cool-down stretches are a great way to bring your body back to resting without stopping too suddenly.

Think of it as closing all your programs before shutting down your computer rather than doing a forced shutdown or coming to a slow stop in the car rather than slamming on the brakes.

Coming to a sudden stop might not hurt things if you do it sporadically, but after time you might find things are breaking down faster than they are supposed to.

The same can be said for your body; without proper maintenance, you might find increased pain and injury.

Stretching after your workout, be it weightlifting, cardio, or walking around the block, can not only increase these benefits but will help you:

  • Maintain mobility and movement
  • Maintain muscle lengthening
  • Decrease risk of injury
  • Reduce soreness and muscle tightness

5 Post-Walk Stretches

Are you ready to learn how to make your walks even more enjoyable and beneficial? Check out the video below for our favorite post-walk stretches!

Let's Review...

Make sure you are taking the time for nice long stretches and slow movements. The longer you maintain the stretch, the more benefit you will see, but aim for at least one minute.

1) Front foot elevated hamstring stretch: straight leg and spine, pull belly button down the leg, feel free to unlock the knee to take the stretch out of the calf and into the hamstring.

2) Standing hip flexor stretch: split stance, hip tuck, and make sure there is no rounding of the spine.

3) Calf stretch: heel flat on the ground, drive your hips into the wall/floor to get that stretch into your calf and Achilles tendon.

4) Seated figure 4 stretch: start with a tall spine and stretch to your level - if you need more, you can press deeper to get a good stretch in the glutes.

5) Spinal stretch: this will help with your posture, especially after a long walk when your back muscles may be tired.

Taking a few minutes after a walk to do some, or all, of these stretches will help your body to recover quicker and make you feel better not just after a walk but in your day-to-day life!

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