5 Best Exercises to Improve Your Fitness Fast

You might not realize it, but the fastest way to get stronger, build better stamina, improve energy, and see quick gains in your flexibility all ties to one thing: balance.

Now before you say “My balance is fine!” and leave, let me explain.

Balance, or what we might also call stability, is the foundational fitness quality that all other aspects of fitness require.

So, if we agree that it is super important that you have good balance...let’s see just how good your balance is. Here are two simple tests to see if you need to work on your balance

1) Stand up straight and lift one foot off the ground by raising your knee as high as you can without bending backwards or bending your other knee. Hold for 10 seconds on each side.

2) Do the same thing...but this time with your eyes closed.

How did that go?

If you passed the first test, give yourself a B.

If you passed the second, you get an A!

Having worked with thousands of people, my guess is that on at least one of your legs, you did not pass the first test. And that’s okay!

It is normal because most people do not actually work on balance. However, if you are not training your balance you are not only going to struggle in all other areas of fitness, you are also going to be more susceptible to injury.

5 Best Exercises for Better Balance

This is why I wanted to give you some of our go-to exercises when helping people to improve their balance.

The great thing about balance work is that you can do it daily and it will positively impact all areas of your fitness including:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Injury prevention
  • Fall prevention (if that is a concern)
  • Energy
  • Posture
  • Flexibility

So, if you would like to see all of these things improve, here are our 5 go-to balance exercises:

Now, I know that doing balance work is not what most people want to spend their time doing. It’s slow, it’s somewhat boring, and it doesn’t FEEL like it is doing anything.

But that does not mean it should be neglected.

What you have to ask yourself is...are you going to do it on your own? Are you going to do ANY exercise on your own?

If not, that is where we can help!

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In this program you will get:

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  • A simple meal plan to help you decrease inflammation
  • 1-on-1 success coaching to help guide you as you work to change your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits

You can move better, get stronger, and have more flexibility and energy, you just need a program that can show you what is right for you.

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