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3 Strength Exercises That Will Burn More Fat Than Cardio


People can be hesitant to try strength training for weight loss for several reasons:


1.  “Common knowledge” dictates that weight loss happens through cardio and ONLY cardio.


2.  Strength training can seem intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner.


3.  Since cardio sessions typically last longer than strength training sessions, cardio “seems like” the better workout.


However, all these notions are only holding you back from experiencing the benefits of strength training.


Today, Coach Bradley is going to show you the three best strength exercises to do when you’re trying to burn fat.


Best Strength Exercises

What kinds of benefits will you get from these exercises, you ask?


Well, for one thing, strength training is just as, if not more, effective for weight loss than cardio training. 


You’re burning tons of calories to complete these movements, while also slowly changing your body composition to contain less fat and more muscle.


You’ll also experience better heart rate recovery after a strength training session than you will after cardio.


Heart rate recovery is an often-overlooked aspect of fitness, but it’s very important.


Strength training is also generally low impact, so those with joint issues can engage in proper strength training more consistently, and with better results than cardio.


Best of all, because you’re using more muscle groups, you’re burning more calories in less time!


Begin incorporating those 3 important exercises that our personal trainers in Los Gatos recommend into your weight loss routine and prepare to see results fast!

As you know, exercise is just one part of the equation, so I wanted to make sure we give you some straightforward nutrition advice as well. 

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