3 Go-To Exercises to Eliminate Sciatica

If you have ever dealt with sciatica, you know how frustrating (and painful!) it can be. Luckily, there are things you can do right now to start feeling better.

Before we get to that, it’s important to first understand what causes sciatic pain in the first place.

Understanding Sciatica

The term sciatica refers to pain, tingling, or numbness caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from your spine down the back of your leg.

There are two main causes for sciatica:

1) Muscular compression

2) Spinal compression

Each of these is often exacerbated by sitting too much, but there can be other things at play too.

If you have a herniated disk or a structural issue with your spine, you could experience sciatica.

That is why if you are experiencing symptoms, it’s good to see a well-trained chiropractor or physical therapist who can help determine the cause of your sciatica.

Without knowing the cause, it is hard to know the best treatment, so please go get it checked out!

What Can You Do Now?

While you get your appointment booked, you can still do some things now that can help release the stress put on your sciatic nerve.

That is why in today’s video, we will show you some of our go-to exercises when clients are dealing with sciatica!

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