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3 Exercises to Keep Your Workouts Challenging


Exercise can sometimes feel like a chore -- something you have to do instead of something you get to do.

We tend to slip into a fitness rut, returning to exercises that we have been doing for a long time or moves that we are comfortable with.

Not challenging yourself can sabotage your results and stop you from accomplishing your goals. Why do you need to keep it challenging?

Your body is quick to adapt to routines, and once it adapts you stop seeing the results you want in the mirror or on the scale.

Try these exercises suggested by Coach Bradley to keep your workout challenging!


Now that you have new exercises to incorporate into your routine, we are going to give you a couple tips to keep your workouts more challenging.

It is essential to understand that fitness is more of a lifestyle than a routine.

Once you get into a fitness program, it's important to keep exercise fun and challenging. Also, you’ll be more likely to keep working toward your fitness goals.

Use variation

Combining a few different variations can spice things up. Even adding one or two different exercises can keep your routine fresh and fun.

The goal is to keep your workouts challenging and engaging in the process; it’s tough to stay interested in your fitness if you stick to repeating the same exercises.

Do more reps

Reps will increase your overall training volume or how much stress you’re putting your muscles under.

It will also help build muscular endurance -- using your strength many times over -- which transfers to activities like hiking, running, or any type of movement.

Everyone has experienced the occasional setback when trying to stick to a workout routine.

However, everyday challenges and determination are key factors in getting back on track and achieving your fitness goals.

We hope these tips have helped you and can challenge you to be better!

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